Andy Dulman



Andy’s love for writing and directing began at a young age when he used his father’s camcorder to film close-up magic shows, robotics competitions, and comedy videos – which may or may not have accidentally recorded over his baby sister’s first steps. He then went on to cut his comedy chops in improv and sketch comedy. At age 20, he co-created a company called, a behind-the-scenes web portal, with his co-founder and actress Natalie Portman, where he produced and directed hundreds of interviews with legends of the film industry. He began directing commercials after earning a degree in Film and Television Production from University of Southern California.

His April Fools Day spot for Google’s “Google Play for Pets” campaign earned him a place in SHOOT Magazine’s 2018 New Directors Showcase. Andy combines visual artistry with a comedy writer’s edge that piques curiosity while delivering a lasting impact. His work is visual and authentic with a unique language, taking his strong acting background, blending it with character-driven elements that showcase excellent storytelling and a keen sense for performance. Andy’s projects encompass a diverse range of genres, from heartfelt comedy for Gillette to more emotive docu-style pieces such as for Mulberry and Illy Coffee. His style-with-substance approach and knack for working with actors is expertly illustrated in recent spots with distinguished brands like Coca-Cola, Instagram, Mercedes-Benz, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Lexus.

Andy has directed memorable stories for major brands all across the globe. His projects have been featured in such publications as Variety, TIME Magazine, Adweek, Comedy Central, FunnyOrDie, Bustle, and others. While his work continues to evolve and shift in the ever-changing film landscape, he strongly believes that his best work results from a successful collaboration between the agency, the client, and his team. Andy is currently based out of Los Angeles, California.