Alberto Tolot



Alberto Tolot’s images have graced the covers of some of the most prominent publications around the globe. Born near Venice, Italy and trained as a musician from a young age, Alberto moved to Milan where he discovered his passion for fine art and photography. After moving to the United States, he quickly established himself as a prolific photographer, shooting campaigns for numerous magazines, record companies, and advertising clients where he captured iconic images of some of the world’s most beautiful women, including: Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand, Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry, just to mention a few. 


Known for his classic, elegant style in beauty and portraiture, Alberto has also extended his artistic energy toward directing videos for artists and clients such as Cosa Bella, Jaffra Cosmetics, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Luis Miguel, and many others.


A true renaissance man, he has also co-authored art and fashion books with his wife, renowned makeup artist Francesca Tolot. They currently reside in Los Angeles with their two children: daughter Martina, an emerging beauty and fashion photographer, and son Cristiano, a graphic designer who designed his parents’ most recent book, “One Woman 100 Faces.”


In his spare time, he continues pursuing his first love of music. 


Carlo Dalla Chiesa



Carlo Dalla Chiesa grew up in various European locales and turned his childhood hobby of taking portraits of family and friends into a successful photography career that has now spanned 25+ years. Having studied under renowned photographers such as Alberto Tolot and Neil Kirk, he embarked on his own prolific photography career in 1987. Dalla Chiesa quickly established himself in commercial photography by bringing a fresh vision and modern approach, along with welcoming creative input and collaborations. 


Carlo’s work has been featured internationally in high-profile ad campaigns for L’Oreal and Garnier along with a variety of publications such as Vogue Spain, GQ, and InStyle. He has garnered praise for his portraits of celebrities such as: Mariah Carey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek, Clive Owen, Hallie Berry, Hugh Jackman, Eva Mendez, and Jennifer Lopez.    

After years of being dedicated to film photography, Carlo’s creative passion was renewed through the advent of digital technology, and he started the successful ADC Media in Los Angeles with Tolot. 


Always trying to stay ahead of the curve, Carlo spends his free time experimenting with new technology including pulling still photographs from motion footage taken with a RED Epic camera to classic stop-motion techniques and product photography to create fresh perspectives on macro photography, animation, and videography. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, world-renowned hair stylist Serena Radaelli, and their two sons Matteo and Luca. Their eldest, Jacopo, is following in the family tradition as a producer and director/cinematographer in his own right.

He is also known to obsess over his landscaping, for perpetually starting continuous home projects, and inviting as many people as he can to break bread with his family over their kitchen table.